Tuesday, April 13, 2010


April 13, 2010

UPDATE? Hah! no.

It's APRIL! and it's 2010! And I moved this here in its own blog because I haven't had time to work on it. :/

I will though..really. ( ._.)
Thinkin of moving to a place where I can set up a permanent studio so I can paint with out the fear of dying. Till then, pls. be patient! :]

January 28, 2010


VH-25S Part 4

That's it? That's no update! Yeah..sorry. Just trying to be consistent here. :]
When this is all done, in 2012, I'll compile all the pics in a single slideshow, from beginning to end. But anyway, those are arms. Obviously. I was experimenting with different basecoats, with satisfaction in the 'meh, okay' level. Still feeling this out. Mostly in my lungs, as I am beginning to feel the effects of breathing in that sparkly dust. I've also noticed various things around my room beginning to sparkle. Pretty soon, people coming over might think I live in a damn Twilight movie set. Yes, the "damn" was necessary. I was at my parents house and my dad was watching it in the background, thereby causing me brain damage via ambient, white (sparkly) noise. Goddam corny highschool emo vampires. Still, that sister vampire was pretty hot and...NO what am I saying!? o--(>_<)7 *pshw!

Obviously I was just kidding, since I wouldn't know if there was a hot vampire sister, unless I actually watched it. Which I didn't. I was busy thinking of my veritech, which is why I am writing this blog in the first place so why are we talking bout this?! >:O

Sleep. I am deprived of it.

Well, I picked up a filter mask from the hardware store, so I don't have to worry bout sparkly lungs anymore. Come onnnnn weekend! Hm. The sooner I sleep, the sooner it shall be here.

Over and out.

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January 27, 2010


Went back and did a second pass on the painted leg, making it look more like metal plates. (i think) I may have overdone the soot on the missile pods, but that can be fixed later. Man I'm so sleepy. I am seeing shiny things floating around. Could be the glitter from the metallic paint floatin in the air..or maybe on my eyeballs. The New Zealand snails would have their own disco-(eye)ball then. (refer: Icehouse Hike)

Maybe ..

Progress Part II.B - Leg

intermission: Dino Grace

*it is 6:30 in the morning now as I finish this blog I started last night. Just wanted to note that I had a nice, though somewhat surprising, dream. I should get on the phone perhaps.


January 24, 2010


Sooo...it took me around three hours to do ...one leg. One fat armored leg. Wows.
Even more wow is: that's not even painted. In fact, I have to now take apart that unpainted leg I meticulously put together, give it a robo-pedicure, and then put it back together.

So I say..I'll have this done and painted by 2012. Right before the world ends. With matching apocalyptic paint scheme.

Ah, but tis fun. :3

Progress - Part II - De Feat of the Feet

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January 21, 2010

!! UPDATE !!

VF-25S - Part I

Began construction of the VF-25s! Since this is the first model I've built in probably 20 years, aaand since it's a VF, I'm gonna document the progress here in this blog. :] bwahaha fun times! >:]


January 16, 2010

Toy? "Toy" seems such an inadequate word for this. More like heaven. Maybe almost heaven. There's still that Ny wong bao dessert that we get from the dumpling house. If I remember correctly it tastes like an angel landing on your tongue and doing a reverse cowgirl on it. Your tongue being a Sybian, and the angel being an angel, but a fallen one. Wearing glasses. Yeah...I'd say that's somewhat heaven.

But this toy...well, it's fucking awesome. Yep. I swore in my blorg. That's how awesome it is. I'll shut up now cuz since it's a just a toy it ain't gonna play by itself. It has many dinosaur foes and evil twin chinatown knock-offs to crush.

click : <3 --> Macross: VF-1A 1/60 scale by Yamato with Super and Strike packs
** What's next~!? ->> o_o

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